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Marketing Workshops

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners know why customers should do business with them, but few are able to consistently and effectively articulate it in their marketing and advertising messages. Sometimes, all a company needs is a swift kick in the bottom line to regain marketing focus and, more importantly, market share. Whether you are an established business who needs a marketing shot in the arm or a start-up entrepreneur who needs ground-level marketing expertise to begin promoting your business, you will leave my marketing workshops with a clear perspective, solid objectives and renewed determination.

My Marketing 101 workshop helps you to determine what needs to be done to better promote your business or organization. My one-hour workshop answers these questions: 
  • What is the single most important question to keep in mind when analyzing and developing effective marketing strategy and tactics
  • What exactly is marketing and what does it include? 
  • What is integrated marketing communication (IMC)
  • What is branding
  • Why are any of these important and how do they help me?
The three-hour Marketing 2.0 Workshop goes on to help you prepare the outline of an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. We will: 
  • Review off- and online marketing and advertising tactics, plus the benefit and approximate cost of each
  • Discuss public relations, both traditional and unconventional, and devise a plan for your organization
  • Review the most popular social media tactics to help you determine what is best for communicating with your clientele 
  • Send you back to your office with renewed confidence and marketing savvy in the form of an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy (IMCS) and a timeline for implementation.

A third workshop has been added to help you review your website for Search Engine Optimization. You will learn:

  • How Search Engines operate, what they look for, how they weight your site
  • Simple changes you can make to content, format, title pages, and alternative text to improve search results
  • Additional marketing tips to promote your site and further increase your Google rankings

All workshops are value-packed and affordably priced. One hour with Write Results Marketing will significantly improve your off- and online marketing efforts--and your results. Schedule your investment today.


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